European Security Studies (ESS)


The European Security Studies (ESS 21-1) course that OEX offered June 2021 was the capstone course offered to the United States Air Force.

The Oxford Exchange offers ESS every quarter:

  • ESS 22-2 (April, May or June 2022): Designed as an intensive one-week comprehensive course, ESS 22-2 will serve as an introduction into the complexities of the European Area of Responsibility (AOR) for military personnel, embassy personnel, or other professionals from the public or private sectors.
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Course Format

The ESS is a seminar teaching style for adult learners and practitioners:

*Week-long intensive course (in Oxford, or taught virtually via Zoom or MS Teams);
*Lectures with Q&A: taught by subject matter experts (SME’s) and faculty of leading European universities and think tanks;
* Seminars: Small group interactions led by faculty;
* Distinguished Guest Series: Think-tank style panel or individual discussions led by The Oxford Exchange faculty who will facilitate discussions followed by Q&A.
* Level of difficulty: Intensive and tailored for security practitioners.

Topics (Examples)

1) The Basics – International Relations Theory and European perspectives
2) Britain post-Brexit (Home) – Social & Political Trends, Plans for COVID Recovery, and Politics
3) Britain post-Brexit (Away) – ‘Global Britain’ and a New Role in Geopolitics?
4) US Foreign Policy and National Security Strategy
5) China and the European AOR
6) Russia and the European AOR
7) Expanding NATO? Turkey, The Middle East, Africa, and the Indo-Pacific
8) Special Topics: The UK/Europe and the Space Domain/Space Diplomacy
9) Special Topics: The UK/Europe and Iran & Afghanistan
10) Special Topics: ‘Monuments Men & Women: The UK/Europe and Cultural Heritage Protection’


All of our faculty are qualified lecturers with distinguished careers and hold PhDs and/or equivalent
senior work experience/military service. Our core team consists of the following faculty:
* Oxford University Centre Director
* Oxford University Faculty (Lecturers and Tutors) in International Relations & Diplomatic Studies
* Former Professor of Security Studies, Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (APCSS)
* Kings College London Faculty (Lecturers and Tutors) in War Studies
* Cambridge University Faculty (Lecturers and Tutors) in History and Area Studies
* Directors of British Think Tanks and experts in the British parliamentary system
* Counter-Terrorism Subject Matter Experts (PhD from Royal Holloway, University of London)

European Security Studies

Diplomacy Workshops

Think Tank Research

Policy Advisory