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The Oxford Exchange ESS 21-1 Classroom

Due to UK Government restrictions concerning public safety during the COVID-19 pandemic we offer virtual courses that will be taught online via a password-protected video conferencing service (eg. Zoom, MS Teams, etc). However, The Oxford Exchange has secured use of facilities in Oxford for future in-person courses.

To provide US Air Force personnel academic and practitioner-oriented perspectives on the European AOR, with special emphasis on examining the current key challenges and opportunities in ‘home and away’ issues – as seen through a British and European lens. Through seminars, fellows will utilise a range of analytical approaches to the study of European security studies.

The course is designed to challenge ESS 21-1 Fellows to grasp contemporary issues facing Britain and Europe and to individually and collectively interpret America’s role in the European AOR. Ultimately, the ESS 21-1 course objective is to provide fellows with an advanced understanding of the role of Britain and Europe in addressing global challenges for the future and to envision areas of partnership with the United States.

In addition to world-class lectures and seminars, The Oxford Exchange will also offer a guest speaker programme during the course. Read more here

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